Food Sovereignty from an Indigenous perspective: Case studies of Maori of Aotearoa and Quechua peoples of Peru


My PhD topic addresses the question:  Is Indigenous knowledge able to contribute to food security?

This PhD thesis investigates how the knowledge possessed by Indigenous people – New Zealand Māori and Peruvian Andeans – can contribute to improving food security.  . This comparative research focuses on the Māori principle of ‘Te Ātanoho’ or ‘good life’ and ‘Sumaq Kawsay’, the Andean principle of ‘good living’.  I am investigating traditional food production from an Indigenous perspective.

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Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust


Since 2018 I have participated as a Mana Whenua Trustee on the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust. Where I represent Paaraawera Marae.

Working with both Iwi and Mana Whenua, and the wider Waipaa Community. To enhance the Mauri and the Mana of Maungatautari for everyone.

Being part of a strategic leadership and development team/board consisting of: 

  • Corporate,
  • Mana Whena,
  • Iwi,
  • Community, and;
  • Landowners.

Key Highlights:

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