The Impact of Planning Delays & Other Holding Costs on Housing Affordability

TitleThe Impact of Planning Delays & Other Holding Costs on Housing Affordability
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGarner, G. Owen
Conference Name“Looking Forward Outback” - PIA QLD State Conference
Date Published09/2008
PublisherProperty Institute of Australia
Conference Location Longreach, Queensland Australia

Housing affordability is gaining increasing prominence in the Australian socio-economic landscape, despite strong economic growth and prosperity. It is a major consideration for any new development. However, it is multi-dimensional, has many facets, is complex and interwoven. One factor widely held to impact housing affordability is holding costs. Although it is only one contributor, the nature and extent of its impact requires clarification. It is certainly more multifarious than simple calculation of the interest or opportunity cost of land holding. For example, preliminary analysis suggests that even small shifts in the regulatory assessment period can significantly affect housing affordability. Other costs associated with “holding” also impact housing affordability, however these costs cannot always be easily identified. Nevertheless it can be said that ultimately the real impact is felt by those whom can least afford it - new home buyers whom can be relatively easily pushed into the realms of un-affordability.

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