International Network on Indigenous Knowledge, Risk Interpretation and Action

Project Duration from:: 
2014 to 2015

This project will involve collecting, synthesizing and sharing data on indigenous knowledge - including worldviews, experiences, practices and approaches – related to risk perception, interpretation and action facing both man-made and natural disasters and climate change in five countries. The four ISSC scholars that participated in the RIA seminar in New Zealand, plus invited Maori scholar Dr. Simon Lambert, will develop structured study-cases focusing on their regions, and share them during a workshop to be organized at University of Florida in the second semester of 2014. During the workshop, scholars and invited academic community at UF will work on a joint research and policy paper, and will also compile the study-cased to be shared on the ISSC and other websites as learning modules. After the workshop, scholars will continue working on their framework paper, to be finalized and presented during the 2015 Dubai conference in Africa.

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