An A-Wh of Māori Grammar and Usage


A number of pioneering studies that focused on semantic-based descriptions of the English language have made a profound impact on its teaching and learning for more useful and meaningful pedagogic and communicative purposes in second language education. This has led to the production of English grammar and usage books that were published in the 1980s. However, this has not been the case with the Māori language. I believe there is a critical need for a similar book to meet the demands of a growing population who want to teach and learn te reo in our changing society.

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Sustainable Seas Challenge

I am Vision Maatauranga (VM) programme lead for the Sustainable Seas Challenge. Currently working with all five programmes in the Challenge to integrate and incorporate Maaori knowledge, people and resources with research project processes, outputs and outcomes. The VM programme has three projects in total, as well as being involved in respective research projects in each programme.

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