Tohunga Ahurewa: Ko mauri te whatu o te manawa [Vision is the Eye of he Soul]


TOHUNGA AHUREWA: Ko te mauri te whatu o te manawa. [Vision is the Eye of the Soul].
‘Tohunga Ahurewa’, explores the sublime enigma of Tohunga Ahurewa. This research attempts to understand the complexity and abilities of the Tohunga Ahurewa in order that we may appreciate their world, the paragon, the altered states of consciousness, the paranormal activity illustrated in the boundless lore of the Ancient Whare Wānanga, to fathom what space it might occupy in the year 2011 and beyond. Its subtitled ‘Ko te mauri te whatu o te manawa' - Vision is the Eye of the Soul.' This is the epistemology coherent in Te Hiringa-i-te-mahara[1]. The theory is to pursue the investigative trail and distinguish why ‘tohunga ahurewa’ were spiritually attuned and sophisticated architects that exemplified the epitome of ‘Indigenous Consciousness.' [A term that under pins the soul and the heart of Indigeneity].

‘Tohunga Ahurewa’, endeavors to explore the ancient prophecies of ‘Ngā Poropiti Māori’[Māori Prophets] as a moral compass to navigate these novel and uncharted waters, as a bridge to understanding why and how the ‘tohunga ahurewa’ possessed supernatural powers and extra sensory abilities. This analyses the need for us their descendants to have resilience and the creative potential to restore the belief and the passion to revitalise and repatriate this ancient and traditional world of infinite wisdom contextulised in today’s setting as a stepping stone towards, self realisation and self determination. [Indigenous Consciousness]

This is a pathway travelled by very few but made for us all. Tāne, Tāwhaki and Māui are the Architects of Infinite Wisdom. Hence rewarded by the gods with Baskets of Wisdom. Together we will endeavor to unravel and rekindle the eternal sacred flame of ‘Tohunga Ahurewa: Ko te mauri te whatu o te manawa.' [Vision is the Eye of the Soul] to reconnect and reconstitute their world as a symbol of ‘Indigenous Consciousness’, a fundamental corner stone absent from the ethos of Māori reality today.

This work investigates the significance of ‘Te Ahurewatanga o Te Tohunga Ahurewa’ – the infinite wisdom and abilities they occupied and how to restore its inextinguishable power. This work attempts to critically revive and theory of how to repatriate this world as a ‘lifestyle’ and this wisdom. It intends to reconstruct an ‘Ancient Whare Wānanga’ in a modern world which will be sculptured and embedded with architecture of a cross traditional/contemporary model. The author suggests that ‘Tohunga Ahurewa’ is a symbol of ‘Indigenous Consciousness’ and ‘The Gift of Indigeneity.'

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