Harvesting the Fruits of Papatuanuku - A Kaitiaki approach to Geothermal Development


The reputation of Geothermal Energy as renewable and sustainable makes it highly desirable to Maori - but to date, relatively few have undertaken development of their resources. This project will develop a model for geothermal development that incorporates kaitiakitanga principles.

Maori science and commerce today finds credence in adopting a long-term sustainability strategy that incorporates the quadruple bottom-line of economic well-being, environmental well-being, social-cultural well-being, and spiritual well-being. Geothermal energy could potentially satisfy all of these. A recent Treaty of Waitangi tribunal outcome has affirmed Maori ownership of considerable geothermal resources - but as yet no development model that accounts for kaitiakitanga exists.

The major outcome of this project will be a geothermal development model that integrates science and engineering with matauranga and kaitiakitanga and addresses aspects of consenting requirements. We are confident that the relationship between Maori Knowledge and Science will be strengthened and that new knowledge will be created.

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