Kia whai rawa: The pursuit of well-being in whānau-based enterprise


The research will investigate the whānau and their potential for economic development via entrepreneurship. Using a theory of Community-Based Enterprise (Peredo & Chrisman 2004), this research will explore whānau and hapū as community by focussing on entreprenuerial whānau businesses, their characteristics, barriers and catalysts to/for success. Of particular importance to the investigation will be the influence of whānau on entrepreneurial orientation and the overall development of enterprise. The purpose is to develop an alternative model of economic development and subsequent social development for Māori, while contributing to the academic literature on indigenous development, entrepreneurship and family business.

Non-economic goals is a largely under-researched topic in the family business literature (Debicki et al 2010), whilst the pursuit of social goals through entrepreneurialism has had a lot of attention over the last decade (Peredo & McLean 2006). This research aims to bridge the literature of social entrepreneurship and family business which has been recognized as developing separately (Nordqvist & Melin 2010), while also contributing to the literature of non-economic goals of family business and indigenous entrepreneurship.

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