Integration of Indigenous Knowledge and Science

TitleIntegration of Indigenous Knowledge and Science
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHikuroa, D.
Secondary AuthorsMorgan, K., Durie M., Henare M., & Robust T. Tuhi
JournalThe International Journal of Science in Society
KeywordsIndigenous Knowledge, Matauranga Maori, Mauri, Mauri Model, Science

Indigenous knowledge cannot be verified by scientific criteria nor can science be adequately
assessed according to the tenets of indigenous knowledge. Each is built on distinctive philosophies,
methodologies and criteria. Indigenous knowledge has been considered incompatible with Western
empirical based science, mainly because of the inclusion of holistic and spiritual components in the
former. While there is considerable debate about their relative merits, contests about the validities of
the two systems distract from integration research, and the subsequent opportunities for creating new
knowledge. A decision-making framework that achieves integration - the Mauri Model - is discussed