Māori Maps

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2008 to 2014

Marae are the centres of Māori identity and activity. Māori Maps provides an online nationwide map of marae, with photos of each marae, contact and background information, and photographs. There are also restricted access areas that marae  themselves can use to store their data and photos.

This site contains information for the principal ancestral marae across Aotearoa, numbering almost 800 marae. Work is ongoing to add marae that are not yet listed, complete translation of all content into te Reo Māori, and to deepen the information presented for each location. Please do contact us to advise of changes or additions to the information about any marae.

Māori Maps is a portal to the marae of Aotearoa. The site offers not only map location and directions to the gateway of every tribal marae in Aotearoa, but also a digital gateway by which visitors can access sites or service run by marae. Māori Maps recommends that anyone who wishes to go beyond kūwaha — to walk onto marae, be formally hosted or obtain deeper marae knowledge  — should engage directly with the marae community and its elders.

Māori Maps helps to connect Māori descendants with their marae, and enable visitors to make appropriate contact with these centres of culture - in particular, linking Māori youth with their ancestral identity.



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